Murphy Dog Retro Collars

Murphy Dog Collars are unique, beautiful dog collars handmade in Devon covered in exclusively vintage and mid-century fabrics, and all profits go to Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus, where we got Murphy dog.

In 2019 we sent SPDC £650! Arrooo!!

So far this year (June, 2020) we have raised £236 for Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus!


£236 raised of this year's £500 target!

All collars are made with durable plastic clasps, high quality welded D-rings and exceptionally strong nylon webbing inside.

Prices are from £16 to £20 including UK postage and £10 from each sale goes to the SPDC dog charity - who Murphy was rescued by and are awesome - yey!

Loads of designs to choose from below which you can buy now!

To order a collar, use the form at the very bottom of the page!

All collars are handmade to order, and delivered by Royal Mail.

Clasp Colour

Clasp colours for retro dog collars

Collar Thickness

Collar thickness for retro dog collars

Collar Fabrics

Alvin fabricArthur fabricBasil fabricBertie fabricBetty fabricBelle fabricCecil fabricClaude fabricDaisy fabricDoris fabricEdie fabricEdward fabricEleanor fabricElsie fabricErnest fabricEster fabricEthel fabricFleur fabricGeorge fabricGerald fabricGladys fabricGuinevere fabricHerbert fabricJane fabricJudith fabricMarvin fabricMaude fabricNorma fabricNorman fabricOliver fabricOscar fabricPatsy fabricPeggy fabricPolly fabricPriscilla fabricSandy fabricTeddy fabricTilly fabricVictor fabricViolet fabricWilfred fabricWillie fabricWilma fabricZiggy fabric

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Collar Size

Clasp Colour

Fabric Colour

Dog's Neck

Measure your dog around their neck and let me know the length in inches or cm (eg 14 inches or 37cm)